Maldon's No.1 attraction

Virtual Museum

Funded by the Gerry Holdsworth Trust

The museum would like to extend a special thanks to the Gerry Holdsworth Trust for making our virtual museum a reality through a generous grant.

There are a number of concurrent projects being run at the Museum, from audio tours to, 2D document and 3D digital artefact scanning.  This section of the website will highlight those things and also give you access to the artefacts we have scanned so far.

We use Sketchfab to host the 3D artefacts.

Do make sure you click the follow button on the CMSM page on Sketchfab so you will get notified as new scans go live.


The museum is in the progress of digitising more of its vast collection of documents and will be uploading the collections here.

NOTE: While viewing of the material is highly encouraged, the Combined Military Services Museum Collections Trust is the sole owner of the copyright for material found here.  Permission to publish or reproduce any of the material in any works must be granted by the museum through the enquiry form found on the Contact page.


Virtual Museum Walk-around

For a quick taster of what to expect during a visit, check out our Google maps here!

Combined Military Services Museum – Google Maps