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TV Star and Combat Dealer Bruce Crompton becomes Maldon’s Combined Military Services Museum’s new Patron

Maldon’s Combined Military Services Museum is delighted to announce that Bruce Crompton has agreed to become Patron of the museum.

Best known as the star of Discovery Channel’s hit series ‘Combat Dealers’ & podcast ‘Amazing War Stories with Bruce Crompton’- passionate military enthusiast Bruce is on a mission to keep history alive.   The entrepreneur, who’s ‘hobby gotten out-of-hand’ for collecting and restoring rare WW2 vehicles has led him onto the path of a call to action to all other fellow military history enthusiasts – ‘Your Museums Need You!’

The key to this mission is working with the incredible museums up and down the country that house things such as the endless accounts of incredible acts of bravery carried out by veterans and civilians alike to vast vaults of military kit.

No museum personifies this mentality more than the Combined Military Services Museum (CMSM) in Maldon, Essex, which for years, has been one of his absolute favourite museums to visit. Bruce, a former Paratrooper, commented  “Their displays and range of exhibits are quite frankly jaw-dropping. From medieval swords and armour, through to recent modern warfare artefacts. This museum and its exhibits are national treasures.  The brilliant, like-minded team that run the museum share my dedication for all things military history, which is why I am beyond thrilled to have been invited to officially become part of their team”

He went on, “There is an increasing interest for all things history, amongst the public. We all had relatives with stories to tell from the First and Second World War. Now, sadly we are losing this generation by the day. Yet thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the team at CMSM, these stories and items are being preserved and most importantly shared for us to marvel over and continue to pay our respects to.  For me, yesterday is history and there’s no other military history museum in this country that houses such a range of important artefacts spanning across the ages. And I am beyond excited to get to share with everyone just some of the exciting events and ideas we have for even more people to be able to enjoy and visit the museum.”

A spokesperson for the CMSM said “we are very excited that Bruce accepted our request to become our Patron. In Bruce we see a like-minded individual who shares our passion for not only military history but also the artefacts that shaped that history.  We have already been a part of two episodes of Bruce Crompton’s incredible podcast ‘Amazing War Stories’ and have appeared as a filming location in Combat Dealers and we look forward to a long relationship that encourages more people to visit the museum and help us grow and understand our collections better.”