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Tea Time Talks – Andrew Chatterton

If you missed the latest episode of Tea Time Talks you can watch the youtube recording below.

Andrew Chatterton, author of Britain’s Secret Defences talks about the highly secret, highly trained and ruthless groups of civilian volunteers that were formed to counter any German invasion of Britain during the Second World War.

He focussed on the Auxiliary Units, units of 6-8 civilians who in the event of a German invasion would disappear to secret, disguised bunkers, the length of the country and come out at night to cause as much disruption and chaos to the invading force as possible. Trained in sabotage, guerrilla warfare and assassination, all these men signed the Official Secrets Act with a large majority taking their secrets to the grave.

Chatterton is a Second World War historian and volunteer Press Officer at the Coleshill Auxiliary Research Team (CART). CART researches the Auxiliary Units and other secret layers of civilian defence in Britain during the Second World War.

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