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Combined Military Services Museum Achieves Prestigious Accreditation Status

Maldon, 8th August 2023 – The Combined Military Services Museum is proud to announce its achievement of Accreditation status, a coveted recognition administered by Arts Council England on behalf of the UK Accreditation Partnership. This esteemed milestone solidifies the museum’s commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards in museum management and governance, ensuring the preservation and accessibility of its collections for present and future generations.

Accreditation signifies that the Combined Military Services Museum adheres to nationally agreed-upon benchmarks for excellence in museum operations. The museum has demonstrated its dedication to the proper care, conservation, and presentation of its invaluable collections, underscoring its mission to share historical artifacts with visitors while safeguarding them for the benefit of generations to come.

Richard Wooldridge, Chairman of the Combined Military Services Museum, commented, “Receiving Accreditation is a momentous achievement for our institution. It reflects our team’s unwavering commitment to preserving military heritage and serving as an educational resource. This recognition opens doors to new funding opportunities and collaborations, enabling us to expand our impact and inspire even more individuals.”

Bruce Crompton our Museum Patron also added “As patron, I am so pleased to recognise the achievement of the hardworking staff and volunteers of CMSM in gaining full Accreditation. It’s an honour that we are all very proud of.”

Accreditation offers a multitude of benefits, granting museums access to funding opportunities, the ability to host traveling exhibitions, and access to expert guidance and support. Furthermore, it instils confidence in potential donors and sponsors who share the museum’s vision of safeguarding heritage and igniting the imagination of future generations.

The Accreditation program encompasses museums of all sizes and types, exemplifying its inclusivity and broad reach. Presently, over 1,700 museums across the UK participate in this scheme, contributing to the enhancement of cultural heritage preservation and accessibility.

Liz Johnson, Director of Museums and Cultural Property at Arts Council England, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to congratulate the Combined Military Services Museum on attaining their Accreditation status. This achievement underscores their commitment to maintaining and sharing their collections, offering enrichment and enlightenment to both local communities and visitors, both now and in the years to come.”

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